We are a leading solution for food waste reduction in grocery stores!

Sell more discounted items with Throw No More

With Throw No More, you can give your customers an overview of what your store has at a reduced price, either because they are approaching the sell-by date or because they for other reasons can not be sold at full price. This makes it possible for customers to plan the purchase of groceries at a good price, and contribute to less food waste. You make a good deal – for your store, for the customer, and for the environment.


In Norwegian grocery stores, more than 60,000 tonnes of food are thrown away every year. This is problematic because it means that we use unnecessary resources and contribute to unnecessary environmental impact on the planet, by producing and distributing food that is not eaten. The grocery industry has a responsibility in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help halve food waste in 2030 compared to 2015. Throw No More gives the customer an overview of foods that are approaching date, so that they are sold more easily. We make it easier for your store to help achieve this goal.

Be a part of the solution

Every year in Norway over 417 000 ton food is thrown away. With the Throw No More-app we hope you will participate in a dramatic change.

TNM Statistics

We want to contribute to preventing food waste early in the value chain. That is why we use the data on discounted and sold or wasted food, to give you necessary insight and forecasts. With this tool, you can more easily reduce wastage and increase profitability! We are now in the process of developing TNM statistics, a simple tool for both the chains and the stores. Together we will make sure to say goodbye to food waste in the grocery industry!

Prepared for the future

Throw No More is a technology company that thinks ahead! We envision a green world, where the flow of goods in the grocery industry works so well that food waste is minimal. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to take the best possible advantage of the insight we gain into groceries that are in danger of being thrown away.
We look forward to seeing the increased use of technology in the grocery industry. Throw No More is prepared for new technology such as 2D coding and dynamic pricing, so that we can automate the process for your store!

Are you someone who wants to save money while reducing food waste?

Are you a retailer looking to improve your environmental footprint by reducing food waste?