Reduce food waste and increase revenue

Empower your store and boost you profits

The Throw No More app is a real-time display of near-expiry foods available on discount in nearby stores, saving consumers time and money. 

On average, stores active on Throw No More sell 46% more discounted items and increases their annual revenue by 62%. App users benefit from 47% average discounts. Shops’ food waste decreases by 4%.

In 2022, the Throw No More app contributed to save 2128 tons of food and 8 million discounted items from ending up in the trash. 

Why Throw No More?

Unlike many of our competitors, Throw No More has retailers and its tight gross margins at the heart of its business model.

After a simple IT integration with Throw No More, there is no extra work in-store for in-store employees.

There is no need to store items that have been sold through the app in a separate bag until the buyer comes to pick them up. The buyer purchases the items directly in the store without reserving them in advance.

about your store

Throw No More is continuously working to showcase current food offers to our app users. Therefore, we also provide tailored push notifications about the offers in your store. Via push notifications, your store can promote food offers to app users who have either saved your store as a favorite or are located nearby. In other words, you can advertise your products directly to your customers – at no extra cost.

What does it cost?

Price per store starts at NOK 947 per month.

Our survey, based on 100 stores’ data from January 2019 to October 2022, showed that, on average, it takes only four weeks for stores to get a return on their annual investment in Throw No More. 

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Are you someone who wants to save time, money and help reduce food waste? 

Are you a retailer looking to improve your environmental footprint by reducing food waste?