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Throw no more

What if you could always have an overview of what is available on discount in nearby grocery stores?

Now you can – with the food waste app Throw No More!

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Why is food waste a problem?

The latest report from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) shows that we throw away 17 percent of food sold in supermarkets, restaurants, other food businesses, and in households. This is on top of the food that is wasted further up the supply chain.

This results in many problems that span the economy, human health, climate change, and the environment, both globally and locally.

For stores that want to change their environmental footprint

Grocery stores throw away a lot of food. What if you could reduce food waste and profit from it? With the Throw No More app, you have the solution.

How it works

Today, we have 539 Norwegian stores from Joker and SPAR in the Throw No More-app. The stores are connected through their down pricing systems so every time they register an item it will automatically appear in the app and out to the costumer.

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