Frequently asked questions from consumers

The Throw No More app is available in Google Play and the App Store. Joker and Nærbutikken stores in Norway are currently available on the app. We are working around the clock to introduce more stores onto Throw No More.

At present, Joker and Nærbutikken are currently available on the app. We are working around the clock to introduce more Norwegian stores onto Throw No More, as well as exploring which next markets make most sense for Throw No More to launch into.

Yes, it is safe.

It is important to highlight that there is a difference between the “use-by date” and “best-before date” labels.

Foods labeled with “best-before date” are not harmful to eat once they have passed their “best-before date”, though their quality (i.e. taste) decreases over time.

Foods marked with “use-by date” can be risky to eat after they have passed their “use-by date” (e.g. fresh shellfish, fresh meat, etc.). It is important to store these foods appropriately (refrigerator set at 5 degrees Celsius or below). Remember to use all your different senses to evaluate the condition of the product in question.

Throw No More is fully GDPR compliant. We do not track your data, we only check your phone ID, so that you can save your settings. To see the stores in your area, you can either share your location or insert a postal code.

You can see shops that have discounted items within a radius of up to 50 km around you. Alternatively, you can insert a postal code and look up shops in and around this postal code. If you want to follow a store outside this area, you can set the store as a “favorite”. Favorite stores pop up wherever you are!

Yes! You can use the Throw No More app without sharing your location. In settings, you can search for postal codes and see shops nearby, without having location services on.

No, the Throw No More app notifies consumers where discounted products are available at that moment in time. You have to go to the store that has the discounted item and purchase it as you would usually.

The Throw No More app is free, it does not cost you anything to download it or use it. You buy the discounted items as you usually would in store, as there is no payment solution in the app.

No, you do not need to log in. The app does not require names or any other information from you. To find stores on the app, you either have to insert a postal code or share your location.

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