Frequently asked questions from consumers

The Throw No More app is now available in Google Play and App Store. We currently have Norwegian Joker and SPAR stores connected to the app. More stores will be visible in the app eventually.

Now it is Joker, SPAR and EUROSPAR, and Nærbutikken are joining soon! We are also working on implementing the solution in other countries.

Yes, it’s safe! But there is a difference between “sell-by date” and “expiration date”.

Foods that are labeled “sell by” are not harmful to eat after they have expired, but the quality decreases over time. Foods marked with “expiration date” can be harmful to eat after the date they are marked with. If the food is stored correctly, however, these foods will also be fine to eat after this date. They do not get bad overnight. So look, smell and taste the food before throwing it away!

Throw No More aims to be fully GDPR compliant. We do not track your data, we only check your phone ID so that you can save your settings. To see the stores in your area, you can either share your location or use a zip code. Your location will be deleted as soon as the app closes.

You can see shops that have discounted items, within a radius of up to 50km around you. Or use a zip code and look up the shops in the area around this zip code. If you want to follow a store outside this area, you can set the store as a “favorite”. Favorite stores pop up wherever you are!

Yes! Now you can use the Throw No More app without sharing your location. In settings you can search for zip codes and see shops nearby, without having location services on.

No, the Throw No More app notifies consumers where there are products at a reduced price that are at risk of being thrown away. You have to go to the store and buy the food as usual.

The Throw No More app is free, it does not cost you anything to download or use it. You buy the items as usual in the store, as there is no payment solution in the app.

No, you do not need to log in. The app does not require names or any other information from you. Other than the location needed for you to see the stores, if you do not use a zip code.

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