We want to build a more environmentally conscious world

Throw No More consists of a bunch of committed and talented people. Get to know us better!

Kurt Falch Stokke

CEO & Founder | Norge

Kurt is the founder and idealist behind Throw No More. He is an entrepreneur focusing on reducing our global environmental footprint.

E-mail: kurt@thrownomore.no

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Theis Helseth

Chief Operating Officer | Norge

Theis has the strategic and operative responsibility for the company, both in Norway and internationally. He has several years of experience of leading and running businesses, sales, and projects in big companies –however he is happiest when he can help building up small or medium size businesses.

E-post: erik@thrownomore.no

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Kamyar Rasta

CTO | Norge

Kamyar is the Chief Technology Officer and responsible for all development projects and leads the technology department in Throw No More. He has a master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology from UiA and 14 years of experience from jobs in three different countries.

E-mail: kamyar@thrownomore.no

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Ida Stang
(maternity leave)

Head of Marketing | Norge

Ida produces commercial content and is the head of all marketing. She has a master’s degree in Rhetorics and Communication and has previously worked in the Norwegian film business.

E-mail: ida@thrownomore.no

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Kristin Telle Skaanes

Head of Marketing | Norge

Kristin produces commercial content and is the head of all marketing. She has experience from media agency and The Rainforest Foundation Norway. 

E-mail: kristin@thrownomore.no

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Sigrun Isene

Administrative Coordinator | Norge

Sigrun has many years’ experiences with HR, recruitment, and administration. She cares about health and the environment and tries her best to live a healthy and environmentally friendly life.

E-mail: sigrun@thrownomore.no

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Ulf Rasmussen

Business Developer | Norge

Ulf is a business developer and a co-owner of Throw No More. He has many years of experience and expertise from restructuring and development of large and medium-sized companies, including being a co-founder in several start-up companies.

E-mail: ulf@thrownomore.no

Matt Homewood

Head of Throw No More Denmark & Head of Sustainability | Denmark

Matt has a background in biology and climate change. Prior to joining Throw No More, he campaigned independently on reducing food waste for a number of years.

E-mail: matt@thrownomore.no

Amélie Lardant

Head of Throw No More France | France

Amélie has a Master’s degree in International Business Development. She has a lot of energy, loves a good challenge, and has a great customer focus. 

E-mail: amelie@thrownomore.fr

Dulce Sabanero

Head of Throw No More Spain | Spain

Dulce has a degree in Marketing and an MBA. She has almost 10 years of international experience in business development and nurturing customer relationships. She cares a lot about the environment and animals.

E-mail: dulce@thrownomore.es 

Krzysztof Kamiński

Lead Software Developer | Norge

Krzysztof is a senior developer with broad experience in system development and integration.

Maciek Musielak

Backend Developer | Norge

Maciek has knowledge in a broad field of programming, and is an important part of our backend team.

Stepan Doronin

Frontend Developer | Norge

Stepan works in our front-end team and has extensive experience in mobile and web development.

Anastasia Krat

Frontend Developer | Norge

Anastasia is a mobile developer and has good knowledge in frontend development. She is part of our front-end team.

Manish Kumar

Data Scientist | Norge

Manish is a data scientist and machine learning engineer who works in our AI & Data team. He has extensive experience from artifical intelligence and development.

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