Frequently asked questions from retailers

The Throw No More app offers a real-time display of near-expiry foods available on discount in your store, saving consumers time and money. Participating stores sell 25-89% more discounted items, while app users benefit from 47% average discounts. Shops’ food waste decreases by 4%.

Since launching the Throw No More app in 2020, thanks to our community of 185 000 Throw No More app downloaders, over 19 million discounted items advertised on Throw No More have been sold in active stores.

By having to pick up and purchase discounted items in-store – as opposed to simply picking up a bag after going through an in-app payment solution – consumers often buy additional RRP goods while they pick up their desired discounted items in-store. This is how stores partnering with Throw No More can reduce their food waste, while recovering losses on discounted items through additional RRP sales.

Make the lives of your customers more convenient.
Increase in footfall.
Attract customers from competitors not on the Throw No More app.
Set your own discount percentage in relation to your oversupply.
No extra work in-store for employees.
Increased digital visibility of the store.
Improved CSR reputation.

No, everything runs automatically in-store after a simple IT integration.

Email us at to learn more about how you can join the food waste reduction movement.
Is your store part of the Norwegian chains Joker or Nærbutikken? Contact your operations manager and check if you have the right equipment to join the fight against food waste!

Are you someone who wants to save time, money and help reduce food waste? 

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