Frequently asked questions from retailers

The grocery industry has a responsibility in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals to help halve food waste in 2030 compared to 2015. Throw No More gives the customer an overview of groceries that are approaching date, so that they are sold more easily.

Visibility of discounted groceries that lead to reduced food waste and increased profitability.

Visibility of the store.

Increased reputation in responsibility and sustainability.

No, everything runs automatically. It depends a bit on which chain your store belongs to and which system you use fore reducing price of products and printing labels.

Is your store in the Norwegian chains Joker, SPAR or Nærbutikken? Contact your operations manager and check if you have the right equipment to join the fight against food waste! Or contact us here if you want to be part of the solution.

Are you someone who wants to save money while reducing food waste?

Are you a retailer looking to improve your environmental footprint by reducing food waste?