Who is Throw No More?

Our Mission

Throw No More’s mission is to reduce commercial food waste by using technology to help sell more discounted, near-expiry products to consumers.

40% of food is wasted, 2.5 billion tonnes yearly – emitting 10% of annual CO2e emissions. Paradoxically, supermarkets discard expired-yet-edible food daily, while millions of consumers require more affordable food.

This is why Throw No More was founded in Norway in 2016.

Our Results

The Throw No More app is a real-time display of near-expiry foods available on discount in nearby stores, saving consumers time and money. 

Participating stores sell 25-89% more discounted items, while app users benefit from 47% average discounts. 

Shops’ food waste decreases by 4%.

Since launching the Throw No More app in 2020, thanks to our community of 187 000 Throw No More app downloaders, over 19 million discounted items advertised on Throw No More have been sold in active stores.

Throw No More has been listed as a Top 25 Nordic Cleantech company.

Be a part of the solution

Across Europe, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food are unnecessarily thrown away by businesses each year. 

Why not reach out to learn more as to how we can help you reduce food surplus profitably?

Are you someone who wants to save time, money and help reduce food waste? 

Are you a retailer looking to improve your environmental footprint by reducing food waste?